This is a question we are hearing quite often these days. Lets look at these two options. First, of course, buying a pre-existing home seems less stressful, but what are you really buying? Many of the homes on the market today are in foreclose/short sale, most of which the previous owners stopped keeping-up or even intentionally damaged. When purchasing a pre-existing home, some key things you should check are the roof, mechanicals (A/C, electrical, & plumbing), type of construction (CBS or wood framed) and interior finishes such as cabinets and counter-tops.

Let’s next look at building a new home. First and foremost, lot prices are at ten year low. That alone is a huge reason now is the time to build. When building your own home from scratch, you also decide everything from the roof material down to the tile floor grout color. The home will be everything you want, not what someone else wanted many years ago. Florida is one of the top states with regards to building code compliance and storm weather preparation, requiring all new homes to be able to withstand 140 mph winds. When building a new home you have the satisfaction of knowing your home is built behind years of research on how to make homes stronger and last longer no matter what mother nature may bring your way.

We invite you to come visit our model center and let us show you what RJM can do for you.