During your new home build with RJM, your designated representative will meet with you on one or more occasion to help you choose interior and exterior finishes and colors. We typically call this process, The Color-our Process. For many customers, this is one of the most enjoyable parts of the build as choosing custom finished for their new home is a great time to add their ‘personal touch’. This blog post is the first of many which offers tips for making the most of the color-out process. Let’s begin with one of the most important areas of your new home, the Kitchen.

For many families, the kitchen is the focal point of their home. Aside from cooking and eating meals, the kitchen is a place where families and their friends tend to gather. It makes sense then that we spend a lot of time in our kitchens. For this reason, choosing the perfect kitchen finishes for your new home is pretty important. For this post, we asked Kim Bunner at RJM to share a few tips.

Tip 1: Choose Neutral Kitchen Colors

While many of the popular home improvement magazines tout the newest fads and styles, we recommend that customers take a more conservative approach to choosing kitchen cabinet, tile, counter-top, etc. colors. The reason is simple- What’s hot now may not be hot in 10 years when you try to sell your home. By choosing neutral colors for the main kitchen components, you’ll avoid aging your home or ending with a kitchen you don’t like 10 years from now.

Tip 2: Choose Single-hole Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

Simply stated, “Choose single holed knobs over double-holed, holes can be added but never taken away.” Kim encourages customers to avoid double-holed cabinet knobs as updating the knobs later may be a challenge if you’ve got two holes drilled in each cabinet door.

Tip 3: If Your Going to Upgrade, Do it in the Kitchen!

Kim tells us that most customer upgrade kitchen features for 2 reasons. First, kitchen upgrades get the most return on resales if you do decide to sell your home years down the road. Second, most customers spend a lot of time socializing in their kitchen and upgrades make the atmosphere more enjoyable.

Some common kitchen upgrades include:

  • Granite counter-tops
  • Sink, faucet and plumbing options
  • Cabinet styles and materials
  • Flooring including tile options, laminate/wood flooring, etc
  • Tile and granite backsplashes
  • Under cabinet lighting features
  • Much more…

We hope these brief tips were helpful. We’ve include a few customized kitchen photos below. Click any one to enlarge. As always, feel free to contact us for more information.