Design and Color Selection

The Custom Experience

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At RJM we offer a complete customer experience.  From the initial design of your floor plan, customers are given the opportunity to make our plan their own.  From moving walls and redesigning bathrooms to adding custom finishes, our customers are able to choose every detail that goes into their home. Ever walk into Home Depot and look at those [...]

3 Tips for Choosing Your Flooring

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In this part of our series on selecting finishes for your new home, we're going to talk about flooring and a 3 basic things to consider. RJM offers a number of custom flooring options including hundreds of styles of floor tile, carpet and carpet padding, laminate flooring and more. As an RJM customer, you have [...]

3 Tips for Choosing Finishes in Your New Kitchen

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During your new home build with RJM, your designated representative will meet with you on one or more occasion to help you choose interior and exterior finishes and colors. We typically call this process, The Color-our Process. For many customers, this is one of the most enjoyable parts of the build as choosing custom finished [...]