Since many of our customers aren’t familiar with home building codes and best practices, we occasionally like to highlight one portion of the build to provide some insights. Today, let’s look at your new home’s insulation.

What Does Insulation Do?

The main purpose of insulation in your new home is to conserve energy. During hot Florida summer days, the existence of wall and ceiling insulation makes it much easier for your home to retain the cool air produced by your air conditioning system. Likewise, on the rare Florida winter days, insulation helps your home to retain heat.

What Does RJM do to Insulate My New Home?

RJM meets and exceeds code to insulate all new homes. RJM installs R4.1 foil wrap insulation on all exterior walls. This insulation sites in between the exterior wall furring strips and your drywall (see image). This thin but efective layer of insulation is a great help in helping with your new home’s energy efficiency.

R4.1 Foil Insulation

R4.1 Foil Insulation

When it comes to insulation the ceiling areas in your home, RJM uses ‘batt’ insulation, which is superior to the more common blown insulation used in some homes.

Batt Insulation

R-4.1 (Left/wall) and Batt Insulation (Right/ceiling)

Choosing the right insulation can save you big bucks on cooling and heating your home over the course of your lifetime. This is why RJM pays careful attention in choosing the right materials during this part of  the build.