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Shingle Roof vs Tile Roof

2012-10-31T11:14:11-04:00General, Homebuilding 101|

Shingles vs. Tile - Which is the Right Roof for My New Home? For many years, the families building new homes have chosen tile as a roofing material over the shingle roof. Is this trend changing? First, what are the differences? Shingle Roofing Shingle roofing systems are typically less expensive than tile roofing systems. The [...]

Behind the Scenes – Wall and Ceiling Insulation

2017-05-18T14:30:14-04:00Homebuilding 101|

Since many of our customers aren't familiar with home building codes and best practices, we occasionally like to highlight one portion of the build to provide some insights. Today, let's look at your new home's insulation. What Does Insulation Do? The main purpose of insulation in your new home is to conserve energy. During hot [...]