Shingles vs. Tile – Which is the Right Roof for My New Home?

For many years, the families building new homes have chosen tile as a roofing
material over the shingle roof. Is this trend changing?

First, what are the differences?

Shingle Roofing

Shingle roofing systems are typically less expensive than tile roofing
systems. The installation of these systems is easier which helps lower the cost
of the complete systems. As South Florida builders we have realized over the
years that shingle roofs stand stronger in storms. If shingles are torn off
during a storm they are also more-easily repaired and replaced. Lastly, shingle
roofs require less maintenance during their lifetime. They need to be cleaned
much less often and are less expensive to clean.

Tile Roofing

Tile roofing, which by many is considered to be more aesthetically pleasing,
is quite a bit higher in cost. However, a tile roof is sealed under actual
tiles, which helps to provide more insulation to keep homes warmer in winter and
cooler in summer time. This extra layer of sealing also helps greatly to prevent
leaks even when tiles are blown off in storms, such as hurricanes.

As custom home builders, surprising enough, we are seeing the trend lean more
and more towards the architectural shingles. I think the biggest reason for this
change first and foremost is cost. On average tile roofs cost 30% more than a
shingle roof. Second, and just as important, insurance companies are taking
“credits” away from customers with tile roofing systems. Lastly, tile roofs must
be cleaned more often than shingle roofs, because they are porous (cleaning of
tile roofs are quite expensive as well).

As with all decisions to make while building a new home this choice comes
down to each customer’s preference. Yes, of course, tile roofs are beautiful.
But is it worth the costs associated with? The choice is yours.